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Debbi Elmer is a glass artist with a strong sense of style and extensive experience in multiple art fields.  She became fascinated with glass in the early 2000’s and has worked almost exclusively with it since that time.  She studied with many other artists but has developed her own distinct voice in the medium.  She employs multiple techniques in her work such as fusing, slumping, sandblasting, kiln carving, vitrigraph, powder printing, flow techniques and the use of vitreous inks.  As a degreed artist, she understands color and design, but glass has a way of indulging her fascination for color, texture, light and dimension.


Debbi believes strongly in the importance of furthering the love of the arts in both children and adults.  She strives to make pieces at many points along the price spectrum to allow children, beginning collectors, young people just getting started and those on a limited budget as well as seasoned collectors to enjoy her passion for glass. 


Glass has a way of indulging her fascination, for light, color, texture, and dimension. It often allows her to achieve the sometimes functional, whimsical, or abstract themes to which she gravitate most. Every piece shes create has its own story or interpretation. She uses a variety of color blending and delicate layering to allow each piece to showcase different and detailed componants.

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